one year lease

Directors Nick Flint and Ianthe Demos asked me to take some of their actors into the studio for a conceptual photo shoot for New York theatre company One Year Lease. The shows “What We Know” by Pamela Carter (released 12/2013 at Teatro Circulo in Greenwich Village) and “Stockholm” by Bryony Lavery (opening this month at 59E59 Theaters on East 59th. Street) feature the talents of Nick Flint, Sarah-Jane Casey, Christina Bennett Lind and Richard Saudek.

I love working in the studio. Having a ton of gear at my disposal in a climate controlled environment makes life a whole lot easier. Christina and Richard were not actually naked here. We fudged it a bit for the effect.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. claire says:

    Oh what fun! You caught it. Good stuff.


  2. Brett Rossi says:

    Will you allow me to review this on twitter?


    1. nwjohnston says:

      Sure, please do!


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