a chef in the bronx

Chef Carlisse is just starting her career and hired me to come to her kitchen in the Bronx to do some food photography for her, as well as to take her portrait. The windows provided wonderful, natural light, so all I really had to do was fill the food from the front a bit using my new umbrella and a speed light. She didn’t choose the last photo with her holding her arms out above her culinary creations for her collection, but I wanted to post it because I felt it really summed up her buoyant and generous personality.

Once we were done shooting, she insisted in stuffing food into me, and then sent me home with fresh jar of her very own pasta sauce. Yummy!

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  1. ddupre315 says:

    Very nice photos! The food looks amazing. 🙂


    1. nwjohnston says:

      I love shooting food. It stays in one place, doesn’t get moody and smells good. The only bad thing about it is they ALWAYS offer me the food when we’re done and it’s ALWAYS cold. Total let down.


      1. ddupre315 says:

        Oh that is a bummer, but hopefully some of it is still good cold. In Japan they have plastic food in front of restaurants, plastic food everywhere.


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