freeman alley noir project

I found Freeman Alley earlier this year when a friend had his birthday at Freemans, a restaurant on New York’s Lower East Side that’s tucked away at the end of this little, graffiti-painted urban alley. I don’t do a lot of fashion photography, but I fell in love instantly and knew I wanted to create some beautiful and shady portraits here, using the noir-like, metropolitan ambiance the little street creates. While I don’t think it’s technically noir, I studied a lot of film noir leading up to this shoot for inspiration. I love how the colors and light and dark play with each other, and how my talented model Melissa Bhagwatprasad fills the space.

Thanks to the efforts of my wardrobe stylist, Deana Holness, my makeup artist, Alyssa Ann Bono, my assistant Joe Spiteri, and of course Melissa, I’m really happy with how these turned out.

This is one in a series of projects I’m creating for myself to boost my portfolio to the next level. Ideally, these will help me get an agent or creative manager so that I can start booking more commercial stuff.

If you like what you see, consider donating to my crowdfunding campaign. Nobody pays me to create projects like this, and even though I make them to bolster my portfolio and career, they cost money to produce. I pay my models, location expenses, and occasionally even Joe (thanks Joe, you rock!). My goal is to get a manager and become a fully self-supporting artist. You can help.

Visit to participate!

If you have your own vision you want to bring to life, contact me and let’s talk!

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