michael neeley

I’ve been shooting a lot of real estate lately, and have gotten into my head an image of a mirror in a doorway with a person reflected in it looking back at me. Perfect for my environmental lifestyle portrait collection.

When I approached Michael Neeley, a real estate agent in Westchester County I’ve been lucky enough to work with this year, with the concept, I was stoked when he said he’d do it. After a test shoot (the images without the mirror), we took the picture. I love that the image appears as if he’s a painting or piece of art hanging in space. I’m grateful to Michael and his generous nature for helping me out with this project, I know he’s a super busy guy.

If you like what you see, consider donating to my crowdfunding campaign. Nobody pays me to create projects like this, and even though I make them to bolster my portfolio and career, they cost money to produce. I pay my models, location expenses, and occasionally even Joe (thanks Joe, you rock!). My goal is to get a manager and become a fully self-supporting artist. You can help.

Visit GoFundMe.com to participate!

If you have your own vision you want to bring to life, contact me and let’s talk!

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