subway steampunk girl

I’ve been wanting to do something edgy and off the beaten path in the subways for a while. Something with a girl, a splash of color and a television. You know, something New York.

When my assistant Joe and I scouted locations in Greenwich Village, we got off the train at the West 4th. station, looked across to the other platform and I saw my spot. That’s when the vision clicked. A hot blonde steampunk girl sitting in a chair watching her tv with a colorful boa or something. Joe and I shot some test photos, and then I went home to plan.

After looking around the internet, I found Risa Del Angele. As a musician, model and artist, she was a great fit and was instrumental in helping me bring my vision to life by adding her own touch to the shoot.

If you like what you see, consider donating to my crowdfunding campaign. Nobody pays me to create projects like this, and even though I make them to bolster my portfolio and career, they cost money to produce. I pay my models, location expenses, and occasionally even Joe (thanks Joe, you rock!). My goal is to get a manager and become a fully self-supporting artist. You can help.

Visit to participate!

If you have your own vision you want to bring to life, contact me and let’s talk!

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