aaron paul – party n play

Entertainer and musician Aaron Paul asked me to help him develop and shoot the concept for his single release, “PnP” (Party N Play) The Freak Remix by Julian Marsh. It was to be a two-part combination of conceptual, lifestyle and wacky-creative portrait photography, leaning on (but not mimicking) the influence of photographer, David LaChappelle. Talk about pressure, David LaChappelle is a pop-art giant!

After many conversations, location scouts, and a lot of planning, we were ready to go. Our location in New York’s West Village was unintentionally well-timed due to the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriageLater, we went to Times Square for round out the photo collection with some rockstar headshots.

Earlier this year, Aaron Paul reached the #1 spot on the Dance and Crossover charts abroad, with his smash hit single and empowerment anthem, “I Don’t Care”.  The success of “I Don’t Care” nationally and internationally has allowed Aaron Paul to broaden his fan base in the dance community worldwide.

“PnP” (Party N Play) JULIAN MARSH MIX – Audio Link

Party N Play, debuts today and can be bought on iTunes. You can keep up with him on Facebook and find out where his next show is.

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