there will be life

In this series, I explore what it means to ignore our collapsing, natural environment while we chase money, sex and self-aggrandizing. Our unconscious addiction to “more” and the mistaken belief that we are somehow not connected to the world around us, are conspiring against the beautiful world we inhabit.


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  1. What a haunting portrayal of life in this artful photography blog. So interesting to see a photographer’s view of life through a lens. The drama in the portrait lighting is incredible. NJohnston Photography did great work!


  2. Parker says:

    Holy crap I am in LOVE with this portrait series. You hit the nail on the head. I would usually say the “maternity photo”, but here I can only say the portrait of the pregnant woman, got to me the most! Each of these images show different types of humans in a physical portrayal of the world we’re building, yet somehow the thought of bringing a new life into that world, THIS world, is so depressing and haunting! Yet, it’s still beautiful and you can just tell that no matter the world the mother lives in, she wants and loves her unborn child.


    1. nwjohnston says:

      Thank you, Parker! I’ve been carrying this series in the back of my subconscious for decades and finally found the right mix of inspiration and location to make it happen. The pregnant woman is actually my wife.


  3. Kelly Loeffler says:

    very artistic photography. I love your use of the abandoned environments


  4. Rachel says:

    Beautiful work! Its great when you can find a great location like this and your idea comes to life!


  5. Beautiful work in this series of environmental portraits in an abandoned location. Your point of view shines through here. Really interesting work.


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