barclays center bar mitzvah

The Barclay’s Center. Aaron Neville. Pitbull. Only the most epic bar mitzvah. Ever. This is what I get for hanging out with Michael Jurick, the opportunity to experience a party so vast and overwhelming, so incredibly over the top, that I kept forgetting we were celebrating a young man’s coming of age.

Not that trimmings like carnival rides, DJ Roonie G, laser dancers, the bar mitzvah being lowered from the arena ceiling, and a full-on concert by Pitbull cheapened the solemnity of the event. To the contrary, the havdalah was a moving and spirited event with music featuring Max Weinberg and his Rock and Soul band with Jerry Korman. The Torah, commissioned by the family and painstakingly hand crafted over 8 months, was later donated to their Synagogue so that others may experience the truly magnificent Torah scrolls. Joel Cohen and Rebecca Keren of Door to Door Tutoring led a beautiful service. Artist Brian Olsen painted a Brooklyn > NYC portrait of Brandon during the service, adding another texture to the already deep experience.

As always, I am humbled to be asked to participate in such an amazing event with my New York friend and co-creator Michael Jurick. To see a more full account of this Brooklyn blowout, check out Michael’s blog about it.

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