When I found out there was a once in a lifetime supermoon approaching, I knew I wanted to create something to celebrate the event. It had to be big and it had to be unique. After a little digging around and an ad on Craigslist, I found Venus Alers, aka Venus Pain. Fierce. Unique. Amazing. Bigger than life and perfect for the coming supermoon, and totally into my portrait concept.

The shoot didn’t go off without a hitch. Not only did we have difficulty timing our setup, there was almost complete cloud cover, hiding the very reason we were on the Manhattan rooftop in the first place. Not to be beaten by the lack of moon rising majestically over the East River and Queens as I’d envisioned, we repositioned the shot to use the NYC cityscape as our backdrop instead and started shooting. Half way done, Nicole tapped me on the shoulder and intently whispered, “The moon! The fucking moon! Look!”

I turned around and there it was, peeking out of the clouds. We raced back to the other side of the roof and setup the lights for our plan “A” shot just as the moon began to slip away again. I didn’t capture the huge, yellow full moon with Venus Pain dancing under it as I’d hoped, but I did manage to get a hint of it in the New York background above her head. Such is the life of a photographer. You win some and lose others, hoping to make some art in between.

A huge thanks to my good friends Michael Jurick, Joe Spiteri and Nicole Polec for their enthusiastic help on this project. I seriously doubt I’d be able to pull off most of my photo projects without them and my other cohorts (like Matt Lesser and Steve Plake). Thank you!

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