red dancer has the blues

A New York City rooftop is always a great place to have a photoshoot. A New York City roof at night is even better! I don’t normally name my pieces, but “Red Dancer Has The Blues” just seemed to fit. It is an exploration of light, color, environment and emotion, and a statement about what it means to be an artist.

Thanks so much to my good friends and associates, Michael Jurick, Nicole Marie Polec and Joseph Spiteri for helping make this portrait session work out. Couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. R.Morton says:

    The setting is good, the lighting fine, but the model is all scrunched up; we don’t see her form, or the dress, and she’s got on sunglasses at night —at night?—and we don’t see her eyes. And why is she sitting on a table? Think first, then shoot.


    1. nwjohnston says:

      Thanks, I appreciate the comment! I’ve been guilty of shooting first and asking questions later, as it were. This one is about the feelings of frustration and isolation that can come with being an artist. Thus, scrunched up by herself on the roof. She’s sitting on a table because it worked for the other shots in the vignette. The sunglasses? Well honestly, she she just pulled them out and popped them on, and I liked the way they looked. I’m all about artist collaboration. Now, I view them as symbolic of the love an artist struggles to maintain for her art as she works to pay the bills.


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