nyc bat mitzvah

Photographing a family event like a bar or bat mitzvah always gets me pumped, especially in this day and age of negatively charged news. I had the pleasure of shooting this young woman’s coming of age celebration last year, and the feeling still sticks with me when I look at the pictures.

We started her fashion shoot off in the streets of Tribeca. The streets of New York City offer an outstanding variety and depth to family portraits, and I always want to start there. These fashion shoots (or teen portrait sessions) allow everybody a chance to settle in and get to know me in a relaxed venue, without the pressure of temple or party timelines. There, we get to creatively explore what it’s like to work together.

When it was actually time for the mitzvah, I met them at Park Avenue Synagogue for her rehearsal photo session and more family portraits. The spirituality of any sanctuary, be it a church or a temple, always magnifies and focuses my creativity, giving us even more opportunity to connect and mesh. This synchronicity is important for photographing an intimate occasion like this. These are more than just pictures. These portraits are family documents and art, and they don’t just happen. They need to be carefully cultivated with the family as my co-creator.

A few days after the temple shoot, it was party time! The venue, Penthouse 808 on the Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, offered amazing views of Manhattan and Queens, and was the perfect place for a coming of age celebration like this. Wonderfully planned details, right down to the flowers, layered cake and pastry pops, underscored the joy we all had, making this a mitzvah to remember!

As a creative artist, I’m always pushing myself  to improve and expand. To see my work beyond weddings and bar mitzvahs, visit my website:

NJohnston Photography is Nathaniel Johnston, photographer, artist and dad.

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  1. Claire Cocke says:

    The pictures and your writing are just excellent, heart based. I very much enjoy this. Love, Mom

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