great america!

Welcome to GREAT AMERICA!, a photo project of American positivity!

America IS great, and does not need to be made great all over AGAIN. Yes, we have our problems. The struggles of minority groups like our LGBTQ community, our non-white and our non-Christian citizens, is very real and continues to this day. But America is STILL one of the best places on earth to live. To suggest that American was great in the past but isn’t now, suggests that a “great” America is one where only white, heterosexual, Christian men of a certain economic group (the former majority) have power and a voice.

In bold colors, motion and using amazing Americans of all descriptions, GREAT AMERICA! insists America is great and does not need to be rescued, but rather to continue it’s inevitable, progressive growth through the freedoms guaranteed us by the Constitution of the United States.

In honor of the fact that America IS great, my friends and collaborators, LGBTQ musician and artist, Aaron Paul, and New York City performance artist Venus Pain, along with writer Nathan James, helped me kick the project off last Thursday in the heart of Times Square. We were joined with surprise appearances of my dear friend and cohort, Montana, and Times Square’s ever-present Naked Cowboy and his entourage. What an amazing start!

Join us as we celebrate American diversity, unity and positivity! Things ain’t perfect, but we can all be grateful we live in this amazing place, and we can all come together at a time when it seems our country seems to be splitting apart. We can stand strong in positivity, and be proud to call ourselves Americans!

How can you help? Start focusing on the positivity of things (the media is offering us more than enough negativity, let’s not add to it). Take a photo of what you think represents Great America! and post it online. Invite people to focus on the positivity in things, not just they negativity. Join the movement of positivity!

#greatamerica #americaisgreat #aaronpaul #venuspain #nathanieljohnston #nakedcowboy #positivity

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