crest hollow country club wedding

If you’re looking to hire a wedding photographer, do yourself a favor and start way in advance of your wedding day. Book your photographer to shoot your wedding engagement pictures first. That gives you two advantages: 1) you get to know him or her, which will increase your comfort level during your wedding day, and 2) it’ll let you know if you want to trust (and pay) them to do your wedding, or if you need to keep looking for a photographer.

This couple wisely booked their engagement photos a year out, giving them the time to research their choices, book their vendors, and get some killer engagement portraits in Central Park for their wedding announcement. Once the wedding day arrived, since we already had a working relationship with each other, the day went as smoothly as a wedding can. We coordinated a “first look”, took family portraits, documented the signing of the ketubah, said our “I dos” (I am including myself in this because I almost always fall in love with my couples and take their marriage seriously. It’s probably one of the reasons I try so hard to get the most amazing images possible.), and then enjoyed a fun-filled reception at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

To book me to shoot your wedding engagement photos, visit NJohnston Weddings.

Thanks for commenting! Check out more weddings, portraits and photos on my website NJohnston Photography.

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