4 gospels calligraphy

Few people really appreciate calligraphy, and even fewer people are able to actually draw it beautifully and consistently.  And only one person in the past 4oo years has painstakingly recreated the Four Gospels, word for word, by hand, in calligraphy.

Meet W. J. Cocke.  He is known to most people as “John”, but I’m lucky enough to call him “Dad”.  My dad’s not only an accomplished physicist who, among other things, put the University of Arizona on the map in 1969 when he and two of his colleagues made the first optical discovery of the Crab Nebula Pulsar at Kitt Peak Observatory, but he’s a world-class calligrapher.  Over the period of several decades, he copied the Bible’s Four Gospels in calligraphy using pen and ink, and then created a book out of it entitled, “The 4 Gospels; A Study in Calligraphy”.

He recently displayed his artistry at the Tucson Johrei Center in a show that includes copies of “The 4 Gospels; A Study in Calligraphy”, as well as other works, both whimsical and otherwise.  In addition to creating beautiful signs and quotes for the enjoyment of friends and family, he’s selling this remarkable book online.  The work truly is remarkable, and even if you’re not a calligraphy buff, it’s definitely worth a look

For more information, visit 4 Gospels Calligraphy website.

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