a snowy family portrait

Family portraits are always special because they preserve a moment in life that is fleeting and won’t come again. The unfortunate thing is, most parents are too busy and tired to schedule a photo session for anything but big events. And when those big events do occur, they’re frequently overwhelming, and the photos can get lost in the activity. So if you can make a family portrait happen simply because it’s a snowy day that’s bright and sunny, you may have just created a golden moment in and of itself. And with it, amazing pictures that will stay in your family forever. Figuratively speaking, of course.

I captured these lovely moments for my friends last winter in Dobbs Ferry after a particularly heavy snow. Despite chilly air and cold toes, the kids managed to hang in for a good little session, and we got some great stuff for their living room wall.

Your kids aren’t getting any younger, book a session now! NJohnston Photography.

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