pinot grigio

Did someone say donuts and wine? You didn’t? Well, let me be the first to wish you Happy National Pinot Grigio Day! No, I didn’t know it existed either. At least not until I was hired to shoot some pinot. With doughnuts. No seriously, I was.

In honor of the auspicious day, The Doughnut Project in New York City’s West Village teamed up with Cavit to make the perfect, sweet and tasty paring with a glass of Pinot Grigio. The Pinot Grigio Doughnut! Happy to shoot them, but leery of tasting them (I’m a stick in the mud when it comes to food, just gimme what I know I’ll like, thanks) I spent an afternoon with the talented people at Eleven Six PR fussing over the various ways one can arrange and light doughnuts (donuts?) and wine. Cavit Pinot Grigio here, Doughnut Project creme-filled delight there, place flowers in back, aaaaand, “snap!” Fuss with lights a little more. “Snap!” Sniff, sniff……. mmmmmmmmm…… donuts!

I’ve shot a fair amount of food in my day and I’ve learned a very important lesson. Two lessons, actually. Eat a big meal first. Back light your shit. Food shoots are always maddening because the food looks and smells awesome, and they always promise you as much as you like when the photography is over. Yummy! But by the time you’re wrapped, it’s all cold and sad. Likewise, flat-lit food is one dimensional and sad. Everybody looses. No sad faces here though, because donuts (I just looked it up, you can spell them either way) last all day. So does good lighting. Serious.

When we wrapped, I was offered my first ever, custom-made, Pinot Grigio pared, creme-filled doughnut with gold sprinkles and meringue. I skeptically took a bite. It was fucking amazing! My vistas opened and the angels sang. Really. They are that good. So good that, while packing up my equipment, it took all my willpower not to snatch the untended box of remaining donuts that was earmarked for the Eleven Six staff and stuff it into my bag. But I didn’t want to burn any bridges, so I left them.

Regardless, the shoot was as satisfying as the doughnut, and if I may be immodest, I think the photos look killer! So go out and treat yourself to something unique and yummy. Buy a bottle of Cavit Collection Pinot Grigio and a box of The Doughnut Project’s pinot treats. But hurry because these beauties will only be made through May 20. Then they’re gone. Forever.

Not really, but you’ll probably have to wait until next year.

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