a stunning wedding collection

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you can book your wedding photographer for your engagement photos, do it! It breaks the ice before your big day and gives you a comfortability you wouldn’t otherwise have on a day when almost everything is stressful. Basically, on your wedding day it translates to: less stress and better photography. Totally worth the investment.

This couple and I took their engagement portraits in Central Park near Bethesda Fountain on a gorgeous, sunny day. We were all thrilled with the results, and that starting point gave us a working vocabulary that totally helped on their big day. Not that I don’t get good results working from a cold start, because I do. It just helps.

So on wedding day I got a big hug from the bride when I rang the doorbell to begin the getting ready photos. I was invited in, and her friendly dad promptly tried to fill me with food, wine and anything else I wanted.

Tangent: you’ve seen “don’t feed the animals” signs at the zoo, right? The same thing applies to wedding photographers and videographers. As soon as you feed us, we kick up our feet and get comfortable. I’ve learned from my mistakes and politely declined all but some water. Well, maybe some coffee. Are those cookies fresh? Ok, just one…….. You see how it goes. 

Mercifully, the limo arrived before I’d removed my shoes and was napping on their sofa, and it was off to the Our Lady the Visitation church in Paramus, NJ for a beautiful mass and wedding ceremony. As always, I was my stealthy self. It’s a wedding after all, not a fashion shoot for me to blunder through, puffing myself up and making a show. A few really poorly behaved photographers have ruined it for the lot of us, so I always make a point of being polite and easy to work with the other vendors and officiants. After my bride and groom said their “I dos” we zipped to The Venetian in Garfield for more portraits and party time!

The bridal party portraits were stellar, and the ring shots I got are absolutely sick! This set of pictures was just getting better and better, and as soon as I thought it couldn’t get more awesome, a belly dancer crashed the reception and put on am amazing show for everyone. This amazing wedding was so much fun to shoot and the photos are so beautiful, I just couldn’t figure out which ones to cut!

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