another amazing bar mitzvah

One of the things I love about shooting b’nai mitzvah is I frequently see the same families again at their friends parties, or a year or two later at their siblings celebration.  There’s a real through line, unlike weddings where you may see your couple a year or two down the road when they have their first kid, or at their friend’s wedding.  Maybe.  It’s a long shot.  In the bar mitzvah world all the kids have friends their own age who are about to celebrate their coming of age as well, and all the moms all know each other and are happy to give a recommendation on an awesome photographer.

This is the second time Michael Jurick and I have had the good fortune to photograph this wonderful family.  The first time was about 3 years ago with the young man’s older sister.  Now it was his turn, and like his sister’s bat mitzvah before his, this party was unique, exciting to photograph, and above all, fun!

Working with Michael is a kick.  He gives me almost unfettered creative freedom, which gives me the opportunity to explore and push the bounds of my photography.  Watching him during a portrait session is amazing too, because he’s a posing wizard. That man can whip up a nicely styled family portrait in less time than it takes other photographers to set up their lights!  As you can see from his website, the results speak for themselves.

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