nyc reflections

It’s been a long time since I did a walkabout photo session, but that’s exactly what I found I had time to do on the way to teaching a private photography class on the Upper East Side a few weeks ago.  Street parking in Manhattan is always a pain, and when I ended up parking what seemed like miles from the lesson and had to walk, I decided to explore the textures of New York using my 50mm Nikon f/1.4 lens.  I call this collection “Reflections”.

Tangent:  I think the 50mm lens is the world’s most boring lens on a 35mm sensor.  I love the compression and bokeh of my long lenses, and the surreal point of view offered by my wide lenses.  The 50mm has none of that.  It’s just, you know, my POV minus peripheral vision and the ability to cross my eyes for fun (something I’ve become reacquainted with since having kids).  It’s ……. I dunno, it’s so, yawn.  So instead of letting it collect dust in the cupboard along with all my other impulse photo buys, I’ve decided to challenge myself with it and use it until I am able to wow myself with it,  If that never happens, then I’m not the photo magician I think I am, or it really does suck.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned…..

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