epic space bat mitzvah

This amazing little bat mitzvah took place at Space in Englewood, New Jersey.  Though the family is from New York City, they picked Space because of it’s amazing atmosphere and staff.  And I have to say about the only thing that topped the event production were the heart-felt friends and family who attended the party.  It was the perfect combination of love, food, games, music and fun, and the bat mitzvah girl’s willingness to help me get fantastic pictures put it over the top.  Talk about an exceptional ending to an amazing year!

Not for nothing, I just bought some Fractal Filters at http://www.getfractals.com to add a little zing to my portrait sessions and they are really amazing!  Overuse them and it’s a bit much, but using them to add some subtle flaring and ghosting really ups the artistry.  I’m really stoked to have added them to my arsenal of awesomeness.

If you want to book me for your kid’s b’nai mitzvah, reach out now because I’m already booking 2021!


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