black and white maternity

I really feel like art and life are inseparable.  Try as we might, we humans can’t not be creative.  I think it’s a fallacy that “art” and “creativity” are often considered to be only in the possession of people like me who choose to make a vocation, or an avocation, out of their craft.  Creativity comes all the time.  Whether it’s cooking a meal, arranging your furniture, choosing your outfit, or posting pictures on Facebook, or yelling at someone, we’re always in the process of creation.  It’s the people who consciously cultivate it in whatever form who are named “artist”.

That being said, my photography is always lifted when I work with other conscious creators, like my amazing friend Krissy Shields of Maha Mama and her client Tanya.  At the time of this shoot Tanya was 38 weeks pregnant, so as I write this a week later, she is very likely cuddling a gorgeous,  new baby.  Hopefully it her’s and not someone else’s. 😉

I don’t do a lot of maternity portraits, but documenting new life is always an honor!  Thanks to Marcela Xavier for allowing us to take the photos at New York City’s Bread and Yoga.

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