edm bling

Here’s some product shots I made for EDM Bling, a company that markets mainly to club goers. Thus the name. For those of us who are too out of touch, EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music.

jewelry by denizard jewels

This hand-made jewelry is part of a new collection by Denizard Jewels. They’ve has created a line of custom fashion accessories for musicians and rock and roll aficionados, including diamond bracelets and rings, guitar bracelets and pendants. I shot these photos in my studio and put them against a white background in Photoshop. In addition to portraits,…


In anticipation of an upcoming jewelry client, I photographed some of my mom’s jewelry in the studio in my garage to dust off my skills. We have here coral ear rings, a garnet and fire opal ring, a sterling silver necklace and an amazing Navajo turquoise bracelet from Arizona.

lentini jewelry

Here’s some jewelry I shot for Liza Lentini Jewelry. She wanted to keep it simple and timeless so that her artwork was this only thing to consider in the photos. I agree, some of the time simple is the best approach when it comes to lighting and shooting something. As Miles Davis said, it’s what…