professional headshots

I’ve always wondered if a PR company needs a PR company.  So when Eleven Six PR needed to update their website and asked me to shoot their headshots, I decided to ask.  The answer:  we do our own PR because we’re awesome at it!  It’s a small detail, but having mismatched headshots on a website…

awesome brooklyn headshots

Here’s a killer portrait session I did a little while back in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After exploring the waterfront neighborhood a bit, we finished up photography on the roof of my client’s building for a classic NYC view. Taking pictures in New York is awesome because there are so many textures and shades to work with….


I got to shoot Connie’s headshots for her acting career. Getting to work with an artist like her to photograph the portraits that encapsulate her personality and energy is a real joy.

a professional headshot session

Christina works all over the globe as a consultant. She needed photos of herself that were confident, relaxed, and yet professional enough to let her clients know she means business. We settled on a studio portrait shoot that features natural light coming through windows to enhance the look I planned on creating. Thanks to Nicholas at…

michael gilbert

After a long hiatus from the stage, New York actor and director Michael Gilbert decided to get some headshots and get back on stage. We did a combination of studio and environmental natural light portraits to get him ready to start auditioning again. I love the simplicity of his photos.

new york actor

Matt needed actor headshots that were a little more main-stream than his usual Williamsburg hipster look because of his increasing work on shows like Boardwalk Empire. This portrait session was photographed on a rooftop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

studio headshot session

This beautiful, young woman definitely has a great attitude as well as the look to be a fashion model. She came to us for some instruction and great headshots. Here you see Eden Vaschon instructing her into a pose. We shot this one with a basic three light set up (key, background and hair) and a…

carina & jason

sometimes a loving, happy couple just needs new photos Shot in Tucson, AZ in the late afternoon in shade using a Nikon 80-200mm f2.8. Lit with two speed lights, one behind the couple and the other to camera right of them, modified with a Chimera Octa 2, both controlled by Pocket Wizard TT-1 / TT-5…

anya’s graduation

This nice New York family invited me into their lovely back yard to take portraits before they went to dinner to celebrate Anya’s graduation. Because they had to make their dinner reservation time was short. I threw my SB-800 on a 13′ stand behind them to light the greenery on the wall and to give…


Here’s a fun personality to work with. I’ve known Matt for years. He’s a fantastic person and a hoot to hang out with, and when I busted out my camera he was more than willing to let me take some portraits. This whole session was shot using my Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 lens and one naked…