lentini jewelry

Here’s some jewelry I shot for Liza Lentini Jewelry. She wanted to keep it simple and timeless so that her artwork was this only thing to consider in the photos. I agree, some of the time simple is the best approach when it comes to lighting and shooting something. As Miles Davis said, it’s what you don’t play that makes the song. Or something to that effect.

I used a back-lit white seamless, a softbox for a side light and a white Flexfill on the adjacent side. The tricky part of this particular shoot was arranging the pieces so they appeared to be hanging in a white space. No matter what I did, the seamless had a small shadow on it or the texture of the seamless’ material was apparent. To avoid the obvious mucking around in Photoshop I was headed for, the solution was to hang the jewelry from a c-stand using a piece of dental floss (the exception being the pendant and chain shot) to get it off the seamless. Then I cloned the floss out.

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