botanical garden engagement photos

I’ve been a slacker on blog posts so far this year, but thankfully it’s because my photography business is really picking up. Between that and being blessed by an amazing family, I’ve been super busy. All awesome things!

I did this gorgeous couple’s wedding engagement photos almost 2 years ago (it’s always good to pick your photographer way in advance because we book up fast) in the beautiful New Jersey Botanical Gardens at Skylands Manor. We went for a leisurely stroll around the grounds finding nice spots for pictures and getting to know each other. To see their wedding photos, click here.

Another tip for engaged couples: have your photographer shoot your portrait before the wedding. That way you have an established comfort level with your photographer on your wedding day, a day that’s frequently very stressful.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Krystal Pratt says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Beautiful lighting and vibrancy!


    1. nwjohnston says:

      Thank you, Krystal!


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